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The Top 5 Most Creative Ways that Climbers Have Been Training at Home

Once the crags and gyms began to close at the beginning of the pandemic, it didn’t take climbers long to figure out how to get their climbing on at home. Being stuck in the house just meant that climbers needed to get a little more creative in the pursuit of getting stronger. As such, “quarantraining” was born.

For some, quarantraining was taken quite seriously. But if you hopped on social media at any time during this pandemic, I’m sure you noticed that a few climbers decided to have a little fun with it.

Let’s check out the top 5 most interesting ways that climbers trained at home during quarantine:

1. Ever looked at your house and thought, I can sport climb that!

2. Need to keep working on that chimney climbing?

3. This looks great for keeping that crimp game strong.

4. Kitchen traversing was a thing. I wonder how many cabinets were hurt in the process?

5. Lastly, the wildly popular table challenge. We hear the mantle is the crux.

If you got creative during quarantine, we would love to see it! Tag #rockstarvolumes on IG or Facebook. Who knows…someone who got really creative might just become the proud owner of a free Rockstar Volumes tee-shirt.

If you want to make your quarantraining a little more legit, make sure to check out our handcrafted training gear. We have everything from pre-built at-home climbing walls, hang boards, and more…and everything is on sale, in stock, and ready to ship to any of the lower 48 states.

Featured Climbing Training Gear

*NEW* The Rocketeer Wall: our free-standing adjustable solution for those who can’t mount a hangboard anywhere in their home or apartment—or who are limited on space. The Rocketeer gives climbers the additional option to set specific climbing holds. Recreate the crux holds of your proj and get ready to send, bruh.


The Rocket Wall: Available in 6’ and 8’ widths, it’s been tough for us to keep up with the demand for this innovative home climbing wall solution. Slightly overhanging, the Rocket Wall is big enough to set routes on, or to build a systems board.


The Rock-Stah: Our handcrafted version of a traditional hangboard, with curving crimp rails to help alleviate unnecessary strain on your pulleys. Because ain’t no one got time for a finger injury…

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