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The newest at-home training station by Rockstar Volumes!  A freestanding solution for the climber who wants to mount climbing holds and a hangboard, and train from the comfort of their own home!  The optional eye-hooks below the climbing surface offer a simple way to take weight off for a more diverse hang boarding protocol.  


Take control of your hangboarding and climbing training sessions. 


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The Rocketeer

$746.35 Regular Price
$696.35Sale Price
  • -Cabinet grade baltic birch plywood

    -2 tnutted climbing surfaces with 21 tnuts on each side. 

    -Large 4'x 2' climbing surface

    -7' tall for low ceilings

    -Dedicated hangboard mounting plate that bolts to frame. (sold seperately)

    -Adjustable height

    -Big jug rail on top

    -5- eye bolt mounts for weight setup

    -Easy Set up and assembly (7 peices with bolts) 

    -38" space between legs fits most crash pads (Asana Side kick Sold Seperately)

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