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  • Will you sponsor our event?
    We love showing support for the climbing community—it's gotten us to where we are today. When we get a chance to give back, we love to do what we can. However, we receive many requests for sponsorships. We would love to accept every request we get, but we simply can't. Email with some info about your event and what you're looking for, and we'll see what we can do!
  • Will you sponsor me?
    We are always looking for athletes to partner with. We're not just looking for the next person to climb 5.14 though. We want someone who is community-driven and putting in effort to grow the climbing community. If you're interested in the work we're doing, we would love to hear from you. Email and include the following information: How long have you been climbing? What type of climbing do you participate in (i.e. gym climbing, competition climbing, bouldering, sport climbing, trad climbing, ice climbing)? What are you most excited about in the upcoming year? What is your favorite baked good? Links to your social media profiles. What are you doing to help the climbing community? Most memorable sends?
  • Can I pick up my Rocket Wall, Crash Couch, or Hangboard?"
    Yes, just select "local pick up" as the shipping method, and we'll notify you when it's ready.
  • How do I care for my new volume?
    Rockstar Volumes are extremely solid and well-constructed, but—unlike polyurethane holds—they are made of wood, which can dent, chip or crack on impact. Treat them well and they will last a long time. Here are some helpful guidelines: 1. Use the right size bolt­ (we recommend a ⅜”­16 hex bolt for installation). Length will vary depending on the volume, but the mounting bolt should penetrate the wall T-Nut by 1” minimum. Bolts can be purchased at McMaster Carr, Fastenal, or your local hardware store. 2. Do not over­tighten volume mounting bolts or hold mounting bolts! 3. To prevent spinning, always use a screw at the edge in the locations provided on the volume, or use a buddy hold (we recommend a buddy hold for smaller volumes). 4. Avoid screwing directly into the volume face (if it’s unavoidable, please pre-drill). 5. Do not drop volumes on hard surfaces, as this can damage the corners. When removing volumes from the wall, be sure to lower them carefully. Dropping onto other volumes or holds, or onto the floor, can damage them. 6. Clean volumes with a damp cloth or water­ dampened nylon brush. DO NOT USE any metal­ bristle brushes! The paint we use is waterproof, but the interior is not, so do not dunk your volumes in water! 7. When cleaning, do not dip the volume in any cleaning solution! If the wood interior happens to get wet, it must be dried quickly and thoroughly. Place the volume in front of a fan if possible. 8. If the volume finish is damaged by denting, chipping, or peeling, we recommend filling the damaged area with Bondo, sanding close to the surrounding area, and using a matching touch-up paint. Paint can be acquired through Rockstar Volumes—just ask!
  • Do you offer gym pricing?
    Yes, we do offer special gym pricing. Email for more information.
  • Why Is shipping the Rocket Wall so expensive?
    Our home climbing walls are built out of solid Baltic Birch plywood, and then crated in a wood crate and shipped on a freight truck to your home, where they will be unloaded with a lift gate. The average crate weighs about 465 lbs. We do offer a custom freight quote if you message us with your zip code. We can also offer a huge discount if shipping to a commerical address or warehouse with a loading dock.
  • Is the Rocket Wall easy to assemble?
    Yes. We will provide you with detailed instructions and an instructional video once the wall is purchased. A typical build takes about 2 hours and requires an impact driver. All the screws, glue, and hardware is included. We also offer live Zoom chats to help during your build if you have any questions, though most people are able to assemble this home climbing wall quickly and painlessly!
  • Can I get a discount on my Rocket Wall or Rocketeer? I'm a college student and I really want to climb!
    We want everyone to be able to climb, train, and get stronger. We are happy to chat with you to figure out how we can get you a climbing wall, without breaking your budget.
  • I want to speak to someone about ordering a home climbing wall, I can't decide which option is right for me, or I need a custom size."
    We are available on the LET'S CHAT button on the site (bottom right-hand corner). This button goes straight to our cell phones, so we are able to respond quickly. We are always happy to hop on a Zoom video chat if you want to see our walls in the shop (think virtual show room). We can also customize most walls to add height, or shrink it to fit your space.
  • I want to use my Rocket Wall outside...but can I?
    Yes! However, while the wood and screws are both rated for exterior use, the wood will need an exterior coating, such as a deck stain or waterproofer. The T-Nuts are zinc plated, which means they can withstand being outside, but should be covered when it rains. We recommend putting your climbing wall on a deck or covered patio, and putting a tarp over it during inclement weather. It won't last as long outside as it will inside.
  • Can I paint My Rocketwall?
    Yes! but the type of paint you use and the amount of time you give it to dry will determine if the hold will rip off the paint when you go to remove it. we recommend staining the wall if you would like to add some color. you can also test different paints to see how it will react to bolting holds onto it and removing it.
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