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The old stand by - the Maverick to your Goose. Bring our portable hangboard with you on a road trip, to the crag, or anywhere else!

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Tendon Health for Rock Climbers: How to Prevent Tendonitis

Eventually, every climber feels that dreaded ache in their fingers, elbows, or shoulders—a sign of inflamed tendons. But fear not as there are ways to prevent tendonitis so that it will not interfere with your training program or upcoming climbing trip

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It's cold out, but that doesn't mean you can't get out. Here are six crags where the sun always shines... or it's at least warm enough to get out on cloudy days.

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Hangboards & Climbing Training Gear

View our training gear! 


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Rockstar Volumes is committed to bringing affordable, high-quality climbing training equipment & volumes to homes and climbing gyms across the country.

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