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Our free-standing Rocket Wall: the perfect home bouldering wall and climbing training solution for your home, apartment, garage or wherever you decide to send!

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Thumb Strength Matters As Much As Finger Strength In Climbing, Here’s Why

Dynamic strength is what’s needed to pull long, desperate crux moves on small holds.

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How to Get Fit for Climbing After Age 40 in Just Two Weeks

For those who have taken a break and want to return to the sport, Climbing Magazine has some suggestions for those over the age of 40 looking to either comeback or stay in the game.

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Hangboards & Climbing Training Gear

View our training gear! 


Get a Free Rockstar Volumes Sticker

When you roll up to the gym or crag with one of these on your water bottle, people will know that you're in the know about Rockstar Volumes. 

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The Rockstar Volumes Story

Rockstar Volumes is committed to bringing affordable, high-quality climbing training equipment & volumes to homes and climbing gyms across the country.

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