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For at least 2000 years, the shape of the dodecahedron has been a source of existential thought. Knowledge of its existence was once kept from the public because it was believed to inspire the "irrational." To gaze and meditate upon the dodecahedron is to enter the headspace of the Cosmos. Bring your wall out of this reality and into the ether with this climbing volume. Great for all wall angles and comes with long-lasting textured paint and varied bolt holes. 


Building a home wall?  Wan't to save some cash to maximize your woody?  We sugest thinking about the "No Finish" option.  We'll send you the same volumes we send to comercial gyms, just without our finishing paint and coating.


Gym pricing is availible upon request.  Use the "contact us" button at the bottom of the page.  


*All volumes are made to order and will take 4-6 weeks to ship


If ordering multiple volumes contact us for shipping rates. 


  • Small: $189 14.5" x 16" x 6"    3 bolts 

    Large: $349 28" x 29.5" x 5"    28 bolts 

    13 different color options

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