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We teamed up with Kilter holds to offer holds to use with our Rocket wall.  The full set comes with 196 holds (this will fill every t-nut on the 8-foot rocket wall).  The half set comes with 100 holds.  Usually ships in three weeks.  If you select the holds option with the purchase of a Rocket Wall you get a discount!


Kilter Full set comes with 196 holds (166 hand holds, and 30 feet):

20- red mini jugs

20-orange mini jugs

20-yellow crimps

5-green jugs

10- green edges

5- green slopers

20- blue pinches

20-purple incuts

20-pink jugs

16-black crimps

10-black edges

30-black feet



Kilter half set comes with 100 holds (80 hand holds, and 20 feet):

10-red mini jugs

10-orange mini jugs

10-yellow crimps

5-green jugs

5-green slopers

10-blue pinches

10-purple incuts

10-pink jugs

10-black edges

20-black feet

Kilter climbing holds

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