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Necessity is the mother of invention! With climbing gyms closed during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Rockstar Volumes team needed a new way to continue climbing training at home, but without ripping out drywall or needing a contractor to help with installation.


Enter the free-standing Rocket Wall: the perfect home bouldering wall and climbing training solution for your home, apartment, garage or wherever you decide to send!


Importantly, we designed this so that anyone can assemble the Rocket Wall with no tools other than an impact driver, and no additional support is needed to secure it. In addition, we provide all hardware needed, including screws and driver bits. That means no trips to the hardware store!


We are offering this home climbing wall finished or unfinished.  


The Rocket Wall can now be purchased with a crash pad(s) from Asana climbing.  We offer the "Sidekick" and "Super Hero."  Shipping is included on the crash pads only. You can not choose the color of your crash pad.  See the picture sections for photos of the Asana crash pads.  


If you have any questions about shipping a home bouldering wall, or help with placing an order, please call or use the chat button on the bottom right of your screen. We respond very quickly!


We are building these home bouldering walls to order, and turn around time is 4-6 weeks.


Within 24 hours of checkout you will receive a waiver (similar to your gym waiver) to sign electronically.

Rocket Wall

$2,185.00 Regular Price
$2,085.00Sale Price
  • Made from Baltic Birch plywood, known for its strength, durability and attractive finish, the Rocket Wall 8 (6) measures approximately 8' (6') across, 7' 2" tall and 5'6" deep (not including the kicker and header). The 8' (6') wide x 7' tall climbing surface is set at a 30-degree overhang to allow a variety of training opportunities. We've pre-installed 197 T-nuts to give you nearly unlimited options for creating bouldering problems using the 3/8" bolt-on holds of your choice.

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