Rockstar Volumes are a new brand of versatile rock gym climbing volumes by DBI Woodworks. They're affordable, durable, and best of all- they're fun!

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We are totally psyched to announce a new partnership between Rockwerx, the best climbing wall manufacturer in the USA, and Rockstar Volumes, the best volume manufacturer in the USA! Rockstar Volumes can now be painted with Rockwerx's awesome texture, Gym Rock Lite. This new partnership will give customers a wider range of shapes and colors with a durable, long-lasting coating. Clients looking to purchase walls will now have the option to incorporate Rockstar’s wooden geometric volumes and full line of Flats and Hang Board products into their commercial and residential wall designs. Rockstar Volumes painted by Rockwerx will have their debut and will be sold by Rockwerx at the 2015 CWA Annual Summit in Boulder, Colorado May 27th - May 30th 2015.