Rockstar Volumes are a new brand of versatile rock gym climbing volumes by DBI Woodworks. They're affordable, durable, and best of all- they're fun!

If you're interested in placing an order, check out our wares in the Shop section. If you like what we do and want to show some support, buy limited edition Rockstar Volumes gear!

We're offering a special summer sale to celebrate American made climbing products! Along with our partner, Rockwerx, we are offering free volumes with your purchases until July 4th!

  • Buy any 4 volumes and get a FREE small Tri Again!
  • If you buy 8 volumes, you receive a FREE small Tri Again and a medium Tri Again!
  • If you buy 12 volumes, you receive a FREE small Tri Again, a medium Tri Again, and a LARGE Tri Again!
  • You want to buy 16 volumes? We will negotiate a deal that will really get you psyched.

Make your order before time runs out, and God bless America!